Simple steps to ensure
authenticity and ownership over time

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Artworks Authentication

If you have purchased an artwork by Angelo Accardi without the Trusted Art™ QR-Code, you can fill out the form below to request certification or verify the presence of the artwork in the Digital Archive.

By choosing a purchase period you will automatically access a specific procedure, distinguished between:

  • Certification of Previous Artworks
    Indicates the procedure for which enter the data of the work, so that the staff in charge can verify its authenticity; and start the certification purchase phase
  • Search for Certified Artworks in the Archive
    Indicates the procedure by which the system will query the Archivio Certale Trusted Art™ in real time, to verify that the indicated work is present. It will be It is possible to request a check of the state of the works that will not be traced during the process.

Artworks data
Property Registry
Verify and Submit
1-3 Artworks data
To begin with, the artwork was purchased before 10 august 2020?


i bought the artwork before
10 august 2020


i bought the artwork later than
10 august 2020

Artworks data
Select document, PDF, JPG or JPEG format, proving artwork ownership
Select an image, JPG or JPEG format, where the artwork is unmistakably recognizable.